The Aftermath of the Auto Accident 

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The aftermath of an auto accident is not as cut and dry as many drivers would assume the process is until they are in the position of being a traffic collision victim. The first event that happens after a collision is filing a police report because it is essential to have the accident documented. The other driver’s insurance company will deny the claim almost certainly without will deny the claim. Then the victim will need to appeal the denial. 

After the police report, if the victim has not been seriously hurt and transported to the hospital, they should seek medical attention. It is important to have medical documentation of the harm sustained in the accident but even more important is not every type of injury is immediately apparent by sight or even how the person feels. Internal injuries, concussions and other types of harm may not be immediately apparent. 

Contacting the Insurance Company 

The car crash victim should contact their insurance company and the other driver’s insurer. Contacting the other driver’s insurance company should be done with caution. As an auto accident attorney services las vegas nv would advise do not the victim to go into detailed answers with the other party’s insurance company even if that driver was 100% negligence fault. The insurance agent or adjuster will attempt to use the information given to deny or decrease any offer from the insurer. Dealing with the insurance company in a serious collision with extensive injuries the victim should seek representation by an attorney to ensure they recover fair compensation. Medical expenses, loss of wages and other damages can add up fast and once the victim accepts a settlement, they cannot make another claim to cover ongoing medical expenses. 

If the insurer denies the claim or offers a low settlement with the representation of an attorney the claim can go to court where a fair settlement can be awarded. Going to court is stressful and evidence to prove the case necessary. This is when representation by an attorney is beneficial. Since the lawyer has the ability to gather evidence and present it to the court to prove negligence. The other function the lawyer can perform before the claim reaches the court is to negotiate with the insurance company. Because of the lawyer’s skills insurance companies realize the claim will end in court where it will cost them for the awarded settlement and court expenses. 

All Accidents are Different 

Every accident is different as the damage and injuries are different. In a slow speed fender bender there be only slight or no injuries, however, in a serious accident, the injuries can result in a permanent disability. In this, kind of situation more than ongoing medical expenses would need to be considered since the victim may not be able to continue to work. The goal of traffic accident victims is to recover compensation, so he or she can return to their normal lifestyle without a mountain of debt. All accidents are different, with unique elements, injuries, damage, and evidence and that makes each traffic accident’s value different.

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