Not Just A Vessel For A Hot Dog

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The bread that is used with hot dogs is sometimes flat and tasteless. If you have these buns left over after a meal of hot dogs and side items, then consider a few of the other recipes that you can make. Buns from a bakery are sometimes a bit thicker and have more flavor than those that you would normally get. 

Instead of eating breakfast or lunch, use any poppy seed hot dog buns to make a delicious brunch with a side of coffee or tea. You can use link sausage or applewood sausage instead of a hot dog in the bun. Wrap a piece of bacon around the sausage for added flavor. Once the sausage and bacon are done cooking and you put the meat in the bun, you can surround it with cooked hash browns and cheese. Add a fried egg on top of the meat and the bun for a delicious brunch option. 

Enjoy a sweet treat using a hot dog bun instead of cake or pie crust. Coat the inside of the bun with peanut butter. Add fresh strawberries or raspberries along with a slice of banana. You can also use jelly or pie filling instead of fresh fruit if you want a sweeter taste. Top your treat with whipped cream or chocolate syrup. Another sweet treat that you can make that is delicious for the summer season is a S’mores bun. Stuff pieces of chocolate and marshmallows inside the bun before letting it bake in your oven. You can also put the bun on a stick and let the chocolate and marshmallow melt over a campfire. Add some graham cracker pieces for crunch and added flavor. If you don’t like a lot of chocolate, the put whipped cream or cream cheese that is sweetened with sugar in the bun along with colorful sprinkles. 

A lot of flavors can be soaked into hot dog bread. Coat the bread with butter and garlic salt. Let the butter settle into the bread so that all of the flavors combine, giving you a delicious side item that can be used with pasta, salads, and a variety of meats after the bread is baked. Put cheese in the bun before pressing it in a pan so that the cheese is melted and stringy. Top the bun with pepperoni slices for portable pizza pockets. 

If you’ve seen a small cocktail sausage wrapped in a crescent roll, then you know that they can be consumed in no time. Make larger dogs in a blanket by using a bun instead. You can include a few other ingredients to customize your wrapped creation instead of just a hot dog and bun. Add a few dipping sauces to go along with your wrap. Sprinkle sea salt on the bun along with a thin layer of butter to make the bread taste like a pretzel. Make a taco dog with peppers and onions as well as taco seasoning. Let your imagination run wild with the creations that you can make using this kind of bun.

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