More than just a Hobby

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With the rise of independent businesses, advertisements have become a normal part of everyday life. You see them everywhere you go; logos and lettering in just about every store window, on any given street. Although people would be quick to forget; all of those flashy designs came from an artist. Window graphics Ohio is just one of the many outlets of altering their everyday hobby into a well-paying career. Some companies give creative graphic designers access to thousands of clients. Making the range for creativity and potential projects largely extensive. These artists, in turn, generate their respective companies millions of dollars a year. Talk about a win/win! 

Most people hesitate on chasing their passion because of how unlikely it may be to pay off in the long run. Even when it has been proven time and time again, that chasing your passion cam prove to be the most profitable investment. Most would not expect that the average window graphic designer makes anywhere from 44 thousand to 55 thousand a year; roughly ranging from 20 to 30 dollars an hour. What better way for one to develop their craft, than receiving a significant salary for doing so. So next time rethink giving into that negative nancy, saying that your journal sketches will go nowhere. If one plays their cards right, they could make a pretty good living off of them. With the potential to have their work showcased on the windows of any given business across the country. 

Like anything worth doing, it might take a fair amount of patience and effort. Beginner graphic designing enthusiast would do well to get some education under their belt; usually attaining a bachelors degree in the field before obtaining their first job. Interns make the least, at an average of 25 grand a year. After they succeed in surpassing their internship status; that is when their craft officially alters from a hobby to a profitable career. most rookies would be at a modest 20 to 24 dollars an hour. At an average of 49 grand a year, even the freshmen in this industry have the potential to see significant profits. Once a designer builds a reputation with some hard work and experience, they can land bigger, more exclusive projects. Designers in the game for up to five years make between 22 to 27 dollars an hour. Then there are the alphas of the industry… The designers who have their work illustrated on windows all around the world. 

It is never a bad idea to turn something you love to do, into a full-blown career. The beauty of art is it can be manifested from a wide range of outlets. Placing your signature on windows around the world’ may not be the average persons first thought when concocting potential career choices but it can prove to pay off in the long run. Turning an artistic hobby into a road to a comfortable living.


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