The Role of Electricians in Building and Construction

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Electricians are people who specialize in electrical wiring of constructions, stationary machines, transmission lines and other related equipment. They may be employed to install new electrical appliances or maintain and repair existing electrical appliances. Since almost all buildings are connected with electricity, electrical contractors, like Electrical Contractors Cicero IL, are involved in the installation and maintenance of electrical appliances. Correctly installed electrical appliances simplify life and make it more comfortable.

Duties of Electricians in the Construction Sector

Almost all buildings have electrical power, lighting, communications and control systems installed at the construction stage. These systems must also be maintained after installation to guarantee safety and efficiency. The systems enhance the lives of people by making their jobs simpler and more comfortable.

The main duty of electricians is the installation of electrical systems. Installing these appliances in newly constructed buildings is not as complicated as maintaining them in existing buildings. This is because accessing electrical wiring is easier during construction than it is after construction. Additionally, maintenance of systems and equipment involves identification of problems and repair of broken appliances which are difficult to access.

The second duty of electricians is the maintenance of electrical appliances and systems. After installation of the electrical appliances and systems, electricians are also required to maintain them. This is to enhance the safety of the people using the appliances and to ensure they are in good working condition. Maintenance work includes fixing and replacement of parts, control systems, motors, light fixtures, and other electrical appliances.

Lastly, electricians read and interpret blueprints. Blueprints are technical drawings of electrical systems that outline locations of outlets, circuits, and other appliances. Electricians use blueprints to determine the routes to be followed by all wires and other components. They then link the wires to outlets, transformers, circuit breakers, and other appliances and systems.

Common Tools used by Electricians

Electricians make use of different kinds of power and hand tools, like conduit benders, in running and protecting the wiring. Other commonly used tools include saws, drills, screwdrivers and wire strippers. While troubleshooting, they may make use of cable testers, ammeters, thermal scanners and voltmeters to find problems. The troubleshooting tools also ensure that the appliances’ components are working properly.

Most electricians work alone, even though they may collaborate with others. Experienced electricians will often work with building architects and engineers to help in designing electrical systems for upcoming constructions. Some may also work with other construction experts, like air conditioning and heating workers and elevator installers, to help in the installation and maintenance of electrical and power systems. In well-established companies, electricians may work as part of a group or a crew in directing apprentices and helpers to complete jobs.


Electricians play a very important role in building and construction. Their jobs do not end at the construction stage. They extend to post-construction because electrical appliances require constant checks and repairs. The demand for electricians is therefore at the peak, not only during construction but also after construction has been completed.


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