Ever wanted to be a fashion blogger?

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Lots of budding fashionistas love the idea of being a fashion blogger; however, this is about more than simply writing about your latest favourite outfit. Some bloggers do it for the love of a great pair of jeans or midi dress, but the professionals also do it to make money.

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How do you turn a hobby into a profession and ensure that you make enough money to carry on writing about maxi dresses and Bardot tops for as long as you want?

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Affiliate links

The likes of ShopStyle and RewardStyle make use of affiliate links in blogs that link directly to the products being worn or bought by bloggers and are contained in posts and photos. Bloggers then get paid according to either a percentage of the sales resulting from their posts or the clicks that follow.

Sponsored content

You may already be telling people to go to AX Paris for maxi dresses or buy midis from H&M; if so and if you want to make a business out of blogging, sponsored content is likely to be the way to go. Basically, brands will sponsor what you do, whether Pinterest posts, YouTube videos or Instagram content or a combination of all three.


The most successful bloggers will collaborate with brands that share an ethos, audience or style aesthetic. This means you can pool resources and share audiences to maximise reach for all concerned.

Marketing campaigns

Don’t mistake these for sponsored content. While sponsored content involves the blogger creating something on behalf of a brand on their own site, marketing campaigns are designed to sit on the brand site and be shared by the blogger on their own platform. Online marketing is more important than ever.


Classes enable bloggers to pass on their skills, experience, or knowledge to others – and make money from it. This could be through one-to-one, in-person sessions; seminars; or paid online classes. As a fashion blogger, you can start the collaboration with many brands as well, like ever pretty, they promote the plus size evening clothes collaboration with many influencers now. You could teach anything from photographing fashion to creative dressmaking, depending on your particular niche and skills.

Creative services

You may show off your creative and photographic skills so well on your own blog that other brands and companies want you to do work for them. This is a great way to make money and can lead to building some really lucrative relationships.

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