Tips to choose the best Contact Lenses Solution

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Contact lens solution and case are a part of the deal when you get contact lenses ordered. And I do recommend lenses for the stark convenience they offer.

They are easy to put on and take off, comfortable during the day and have numerous other benefits such as the absence of fog covering up your glasses every time you enter or leave an airconditioned room, and the presence of annoying and pesky frames at the periphery of your vision!

However, knowing which contact solution to choose can be a daunting task. Here’s how to choose the correct one!

Basic Care & Maintenance

Wearing contacts requires that you act in a responsible manner. There are some basic guidelines that must be followed such as the following:

  • Remember to wash your hands every time before handling contacts.
  • Ensure that you never exceed the recommended time for wearing contacts, for instance daily wear contacts are often prescribed to be worn for a period up to 15 hours and must not be worn beyond that, and shouldn’t be worn for sleeping either.

The extended wear kind can be worn for sleeping though. The point to remember here is to adhere to guidelines by the manufacturer as these are based on strict experiments conducted to ensure safety of the contacts while they’re being used.

  • Lenses which can be reused are stored in a contact lens case along with solution to keep the lenses moisturized and hydrated. This solution must be changed every time the contacts are used and stored in the case.

What is the Solution that lenses are stored in?

The solution used for storing contacts is to be used for rinsing, storing and cleaning lenses. It also contains elements designed to kill harmful germs and bacteria that may have come into contact with either the lenses or the contacts case during use, and thus keep your contacts safe for when you do use them.

There are different kinds of contact lenses solutions and they suit different requirements. Essentially, however they all are performing the same job.

The two major types of solutions are:

  • All-in-one solution or Multipurpose Solution: these can be used to rinse, store, and clean lenses with the solution. These are also safe and harmless if they come into contact with eyes.
  • Peroxide solution is the other kind of contact lenses solution. While this type of solution can be used to clean and store lenses, it should be neutralized before it ever comes in to contact with your eyes. This is done by adding a neutralizing tablet while lenses are being stored in the solution as of course otherwise, when you wear your lenses they will contain some of the solution that can come into contact with your eyes and cause harm.

    Some cases for storing contacts contain a neutralizing disc built into them for ease of use. The entire process for neutralizing the solution on your lenses can take up to 6 hours, so it is important that you keep this in mind while soaking lenses in such solutions while considering when you will need to use the lenses next.

Saline solution is another option used by many for storing lenses. However, since saline water doesn’t have any additives that will help fight bacteria, it isn’t advisable to use it for storing, rinsing or cleaning contacts.

Some Tips for Choosing the best Solution:

A contact lens solution and case are often provided when you buy your contacts, as part of the package. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the solution being provided, you can always look around for a better alternative. Some things to keep in mind while doing so are:

  • First of all, the solution you choose must be in accordance with the lenses you use. The solution that should be used for soft contact lenses is different from that used for rigid gas permeable contacts. As most of the people use soft contact lenses, there are a range of options available.
  • For those of us on the go constantly, it’s better to get a solution that incorporates all the functions. Such multi-purpose solutions offer an all-in-one solution that can clean, disinfect, rinse and even store contacts. For a hectic lifestyle, this should definitely be your choice as it can save time without adding up additional responsibilities of ensuring no extra steps are added into the routine.
  • Be careful about the expiry date on the solution because just like any other thing the contact lens solution expires too, and since the eye is a considerably sensitive organ and you must be mindful about what goes into it !
  • There are deep cleaning solutions available which are to be used as a multi-step solution for deeper cleaning.

The conclusion of it all is that regular maintenance is required for anything as sensitive as using something that goes in to your eyes. The gift of eye sight is incredible and must always be treasured.

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