Making My Favorite Morning Beverage

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Getting caffeine in my system in the morning is the first thing I like to do. When I wake up in the early morning, I can’t think of anything better to get my day started. It’s incredibly important to me. I find that my day isn’t the same if I don’t get a hot cup of the finest ground beans. I have particular tastes, so not any beverage will do. My taste buds have become rich over the last decade. I only buy the same brand of coffee every time I go to the grocery store. 

I always buy the same brand because I trust their coffee to taste great when it comes out of my machine. I buy some Folgers ground coffee because it always tastes great to me. My morning would feel incomplete without my coffee. I like to prepare it when I first wake up because it takes a few minutes to finish brewing. I don’t like to drink it when it’s too hot either. I find that if I start making coffee when I first open my eyes in the morning it will be ready when I am ready to eat breakfast. Timing is crucial. If I start making coffee too late, then I will be forced to drink a hot beverage.

I don’t like to wait to make my coffee because if I wait until it is time to make breakfast for me and my wife, then I will be forced to use creamer in my coffee it keep it from burning my tongue. If it’s too hot, I’ve got to get it to a cooler temperature somehow, so I often add creamer to the coffee to make it cool enough to drink. If I add cream to my coffee, I’ll likely try to avoid drinking milk throughout the rest of the day because I don’t want to have too much dairy during the day. 

Surely you can now see what I mean about timing being crucial in the morning. If I don’t make my coffee when I first wake up in the morning, then I will not be able to eat cereal because I don’t want to drink more dairy in the morning. I’m afraid that too much dairy will cause stomach pains for me throughout the day.

I enjoy all types of coffee beverages, and I also enjoy foods made with coffee flavors. My wife used to make the most delicious cake that had espresso beans on the icing. That seemed to provide enough caffeine for me to not have to drink coffee in the morning, but I prefer something about the strong taste of coffee that cake cannot replace. My wife bought an espresso machine for the kitchen, but I never use it because espresso is a stronger taste than what I am used to drinking when I wake up in the mornings. I’ll stick to my comfortable cup of coffee every day of the week. On the weekends, I switch to decaf.

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