Staying Sedated For Dental Care

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If you’re afraid of going to the dentist or have an appointment for detailed dental work that will be performed, then consider asking your dentist about being sedated. Even though you’re sedated, you will still have some awareness of what’s taking place around you. Various forms of sedation include oral medications that you can take as well as IV medications that are administered through your veins. 

Aside from being comfortable in the office, there are a few other benefits that any sedation dental care Fort Collins CO offers. When your dentist needs to numb your mouth for the procedure that you’re going to have done, you might feel the needle as it’s inserted in your gum. With sedation dentistry, you won’t feel the needle and likely won’t even realize what’s being done. It’s possible that you’ll feel a little pressure when the needle is used to numb your mouth, but that’s usually all you’ll notice. 

When you’re sedated, you’ll be relaxed while the dentist is working in your mouth. However, you’ll be aware of what’s going on around you so that you can move your head in the direction that your dentist needs you to move or open and close your mouth when needed. You’ll still have control over all areas of your body instead of being asleep. However, it’ll be a good feeling to know that you’re in a relaxed setting instead of one where you have to worry about the pain that is sometimes involved with dental work. It’s possible to fall asleep for the short time that you’re sedated. After you’re sedated, you won’t have the general anxiety that you might experience while you’re in the office. This feeling can give you the courage that you need to go back to the dentist in the future, which means that you can take better care of your oral health in a professional setting. 

If there is a lot of detailed work to complete, such as an extraction, a crown, or a root canal, then your dentist might administer sedatives through an IV. Most dentists will give you an oral sedative as this will provide the same type of relief. You can also request nitrous oxide while in the office as well. Keep in mind that you need to have someone in the office who can take you home because of the medications given. 

When you have dental sedation, you’ll usually feel like you’re only in the dental chair for a few minutes. The procedure is over and done in no time. This means that you can enjoy the rest of your day relaxing instead of worrying about the work that you had completed. You’ll be able to have extensive work done in fewer appointments, giving you the smile that you desire. This is beneficial if you need to have several teeth pulled or if you are going to have dental implants as your dentist can get more of the work done in one or two appointments instead of stretching them out.


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