Why Landscape Lighting Is A Fast Growing Industry

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Installing outdoor lighting is an increasingly popular thing for people to do at their homes. As the Wikipedia entry on landscape lighting details there are a number of reasons to put lights outside your home. It can be a matter of safety and a way to keep burglars away. It makes enjoying a night out on the deck more feasible and lighting a path to your front door can be attractive from an aesthetic point of view. 

The field of exterior lighting is dynamic and innovative. Nowadays people are installing highly efficient and longlasting LED lighting in their landscapes. They are also installing lights that are powered by solar energy. The solar energy can be captured either with a rooftop system or by a photovoltaic situated right on the fixtures themselves. The other main ways to power the lights is conventional electricity and rechargeable batteries. 
Making outdoor lighting systems even more convenient is systems that are set up to make effective use of timers. The homeowner simply sets when they want the lights to go on and off and the system takes care of itself. Outdoor lights can also be equipped with motion sensors so that they come on automatically when someone enters the vicinity. With powerful lighting, this can really help to scare off would-be thieves who have tripped the lighting system. 

For powerful lighting, the best solution is having a halogen bulb which is a very bright source of light. LED lights work best for accenting a path or enjoying a backyard during the evening. Even in an outdoor setting an LED light can last for decades and is by far the most efficient way of lighting an area. The main wattages that people use for LED lighting are 4w, 5w, and 7w. 

A simple system of outdoor lighting can be set up by many homeowners themselves. If the system is more complicated, such as needing to be set up to make use of rooftop solar panels, a contractor can be called in to handle the situation. Outdoor lighting installation Dayton OH and other cities can be professionally installed by a number of general contractors who have experience installing these types of outdoor systems. 
According to this news article on a lighting industry blog the landscape lighting industry is doing very well. It’s the development of LED lighting that is credited with leading to huge growth in the industry for the past few years and projected for the next decade. LED lighting provides so many benefits over traditional bulbs that more and more people are willing to either make the switch or install entirely new systems in their yards. 

Just like there are smart lighting systems designed for the interior of homes this article also shares that this sort of technology is moving into the landscape as well. The lighting can automatically turn on at dusk, for example, and off at dawn. Municipalities, too, are starting to install these systems in public areas due to all the benefits they offer.


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