20 Resources to Learn Data Science Online

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 A data scientist works exclusively with a big chunk of files, which needs deep research well with that is a fact that it continues to be in demand, the big companies want a data scientist, the term data science came into an interest in the year 2008 because till then the companies thrived on appointing data experts who are skilled enough to go through a massive chunk of files efficiently.

Data scientists are the professionals who are able to collect data from enormous resources and are skilled to work on them while they also prepare right answers to a series inquiries related to any product or any data, they gather and all the information and compute the data to communicate the same in such a manner that reflects a company positively in every possible way.

The best thing with data science is that now, with better accessibility to the internet, people can use different online resources to learn the thick and thins of data science. IT doesn’t require any degree from an accredited source or so, but it just requires dedication to learn continually and requires a lot of skill-sets to cope up better with the fast-paced, changing world of business.

Significance of a data scientist

In recent years the data scientists have turned out to be essential resources and are working in nearly all organizations. These experts are well-rounded, data-driven people with high-level specialized aptitudes who are able to build complex quantitative calculations to organize and synthesize expansive sums of data utilized to reply questions and drive strategy in their organization. Usually coupled with the encounter in communication and authority required to provide substantial comes about to different partners over an organization or commerce.

Qualities of a data scientist

A sound data scientist ought to be inquisitive and result-oriented, with remarkable industry-specific information and communication aptitudes that permit them to clarify exceedingly specialized comes about to their non-technical partners. They have a solid quantitative foundation in insights and direct polynomial math as well as programming information with centers in information warehousing, mining, and modelling to construct and analyse calculations.

Work of a data scientist

Basically, a data scientist works on unstructured or haphazard data that is needed to be cleaned, analyzed, and organized to simplify it for the customers. There are many things that data scientists do with given data i.e., Data Scrapping, Data Mining, Data Analysis and is also responsible for answering the data related questions. With all these skill-set a data scientist earns around $120,931 per annum, which is indeed a handsome salary.

A data scientist should know the programming language to decipher the complex data and codes, and this data scientist job is booming in America and other developed countries by many companies to manage and collect huge chuck of data worldwide to ease the issue of meeting demands of the customers and to get upgraded in a timely manner.

We all are surrounded by data in every second we tend to produce 1.7mb of data from that you could realize how enormous the data it may become by the end of this year, well you don’t have to worry about that you can be a data scientist even if you don’t have a data science degree you don’t even need to produce a PhD. Certificate in data science, all you need to do is just go to different learning portals and could learn data science online.

Here are the top 20 resources you could lean on to get your job done.

  1. Elite data science
  2. Machine learning mastery
  3. KDnuggets
  4. Kaggle
  5. Towards Data Science
  6. Reddit- r/data science
  7. Analytics Vidhya
  8. Data Science 101
  9. Data Science Dojo
  10. Geeks for Geeks- ML
  11. Datafloq
  12. Google News- Data Science
  13. Data36
  14. Domino Data Science Blog
  15. Revolutions
  16. Edwin Chen
  17. Pete warden’s Blog
  18. Inside Big Data
  19. Google AI Blog
  20. Nature Machine Intelligence

These are some resources which we could provide and are the best websites for learning data science, always keep in mind you can do anything you just have to think big believe in yourself, and it isn’t impossible all you need is continuous learning and furious dedication.


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