Agriculture: The Art and Science of Cultivating Soil

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Many people are not familiar with the art of agriculture. This beautiful form of art does include science, growth of crops and livestock raising. Preparation is, also, weaved into this agriculture art form.It is known for carefully preparing animal and plant products for human use. Preparation for distribution to their markets is necessary. It does provide the majority of food and fabric to the world. Agriculture is responsible for supplying leather, cotton and agricultural products on a global basis. It ought to be known, the art of agriculture has greatly contributed to the, overall, rise of civilizations over the centuries. 

Farming, Planting and Growth: Fostering Quality Lives 

Agriculture plays a large role within the quality of life because the creation of food is necessary for good health and nourishment. The farming of domesticated species creates food surpluses, this allows people to survive in a city environment. Include agronomy, agrochemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and plant breeding in the agriculture realm because modern practices foster a higher quality of life for everyone. Any Commercial fertilizer is necessary for growth. 

News: Growing More Food and Feeding the World 

In the latter part of 2018, questions were raised about sustainability and about how to find ways to feed the world. Agriculture is facing the food sustainability challenges. Creating a sustainable food culture was a goal in December of 2018. This is a theme in agriculture that must be known. Agriculture is viewing the global food system carefully. Ten billion people will need to be fed because the population is increasing around the globe. It should also, be known that there is an action plan in place to feed the world. Agriculture solutions are on the rise. 

2050: Is Food Production Going to Double? 

The population is going to, greatly, increase by the year 2050. The latest research has shown that production must increase too. It will need to rise between 25 percent and 70 percent in order to meet the food demand in the year 2050. Is food production going to double? Keep in mind, this planet produces 17 percent more food than it did 30 years ago. This is per person. There are some valid issues to contend with. There are many people in this world who do not have sufficient land to grow enough food to feed themselves. Others do not have enough money to buy their own food. There are plenty of people interested in finding solutions to meet the upcoming food demand and need. It is already known, more food is needed by the year 2050. Action is in place. Studies are showing that there is going to be plenty of food to feed the rising population in 2050. 

Society can Reduce Food Waste 

Many people are concerned about a lack-of-food as the population increases. In order to ease fears, it should be known that society can be a part of a global solution by reducing food waste. It is important to consider the fact that people throw away around 40 percent of everything that is grown. This is a waste of food and resources. Everyone must find ways to reduce food waste.


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