Air Pollution And Its Effects

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The most dangerous enemy of human beings these days is pollution. There are several kinds of pollutions in the environment. But the dangerous one is air pollution. Air pollution is that kind of pollution which will keep you surrounded all the time.

The era of industrialization is the main cause of all these pollution especially air pollution. The main source of air pollution is the smoke which is coming out of these factories. At the time of industrialization, humans think they are building a bright future for their generations.

But they did not understand at what cost they are developing it. At that time they did not see the side effect of these new factories. In which they are developing all those products which bring ease in their life.

So what they do is they keep building these factories and keep cutting trees. That’s why we are facing these air pollution-related problems these days. If they did not cut that many trees and did not place factories near urban areas. We did not have to face these entire problems.

Effects of air pollution

Due to constant exposure to air pollutions, humans are facing different kinds of bad effects on their health. Some of these bad effects are short term and some are long term. In short term effects includes discomfort such as irritation to the nose, throat, eyes, or skin or headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

Air pollution also one of the main causes of respiratory conditions like pneumonia and bronchitis. But if talk about its long term bad effects they are more dangerous. The long terms effects of air pollution include heart diseases, lung cancer, and respiratory diseases.

Air pollution is also the main cause of asthma disease in most of the patients. Scientists find all these facts after studying several cases and go through different experiments. Different toxic particles in the air can damage the airways and cause different problems in the human body.

So these toxic chemicals in the air take several lives till date. The only way to get rid of it is to stop its main source of spread. But we all know it is not possible because our economy is based on these manufacturing industries.

Air purifier

So the only source left behind is air purifiers. These machines help humans to get rid of air pollution in a controlled environment. These air purifiers are consisting of two main parts one fan the other one is air filters.

In the beginning, these air purifiers came up with a simple design and very basic features. But as time passes we see the most advanced forms of these purifiers. Now they are available in different forms with most advanced features.

These features include a sensor system which helps air purifier work automatically according to the environment. Then there is a feature called smart purifier which can be controlled by a mobile application.

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