How to choose the right commercial mating

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Commercial flooring mats are essential for commercial businesses. Commercial matting can help you keep your building clean, dust-free, and prevent slips and falls.

Commercial Matting has many benefits

You will reap many benefits from placing floor mats around your company or facility.

Keep your business clean

Commercial businesses get a lot of foot traffic every day. The majority of dirt, up to 70% to 90%, is tracked in your facility by customers and employees’ boots and shoes. This is especially true in winter when snow and ice can be tracked in. High-quality floor mats should be placed at the entrances to buildings that receive heavy foot traffic. This will capture most of the dirt and water and keep your business clean.

Promoting a safe environment

Commercial entrance mats will increase the chances of employees and clients falling and slipping when they enter commercial businesses. You can reduce the chances of injuries by installing entrance mats at every doorway. A slip and fall case costs a business an average of $20,000. High-quality floor mats will ensure that your facility or business is not impacted by slip and fall cases.

Doormats are more effective than carpets

Doormats are much smaller than commercial mats. They are much smaller than commercial mats and won’t protect your business from dirt being tracked in or slip and fall injuries.

Opportunities for custom branding

Companies are always looking for ways to improve their branding. The best way to improve your branding is to have your logo or company name printed on high-quality entrance mats. These mats will ensure that your company is always front and centre in the minds of your customers every time they enter your building.

Different types of floor mats

There are many types of floor mats which are available in market and can be purchased any time and at any place. These are:

Anti-fatigue matting

Anti-fatigue mats provide a great solution for employees who work in the same place for long periods of time. Our anti-fatigue mats provide unparalleled comfort due to their high-density, non-toxic cushion. This floor mat’s sloped edges provide safe passage from the floors to it. These mats can be used to improve the productivity and ergonomics of your employees.

Entrance wipers and scraper mats

Our entrance mats are classic waffle patterns that keep your floors safe, dry, and clean. Each of our entryway mats and scraper mats have a bi-level design to trap dirt and hold up 1.5 gallons per square yard. You can trust entrance wipers and scraper mats for keeping your high-traffic floors safe.

Slip-resistant backing system

The slip-resistant backing system’s dense pile yarn can hold up to two gallons of water per square foot! They are attractive and can hide dirt and other types of debris, while complimenting the surroundings. These colors can be easily cleaned by daily vacuuming.

Logo and Message Mats

You can also promote your brand in floor space. You can reinforce your company culture throughout your facility by using custom rugs with logo and message mats. These mats can be used at the entrances of your business to add a touch of class, enhance your marketing efforts and keep your space tidy.

Use logo and message mats where appropriate: In your business entrance, or in other areas that will reinforce your brand.


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