How to Deal With Bunions

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Bunions take the form of a large bump on your big toe. Sometimes sandals are impractical to use. But you cannot wear boots forever either. A bunion is the result of the bone or tissue at the joint of the bottom of the big toe can move out of place. Years of forcing yourself to move in bad ways can cause pressure on the toe that makes it bend toward the others. Bunion surgery in itself is not super painful but the bunion can cause constant pain. The joint at the base of the big toe is what helps you manage the pressure of walking. 

Bunions form when a woman wears heels or boots for example, as women have more bunions than their male counterparts. Bunions require surgery although those with flexible joints can put up with the pain of bunions well enough. To cure bunions, one must wear shoes that fit properly. Low-heeled shoes are better or perhaps flat altogether shoes than poorly fitted shoes that make bunions hurt more. The toe joint needs to be relieved of pressure from weight among other ways of staving off bunion pain 

The bunion has to be protected by a moleskin or gel-filled pad. Anti-inflammatory medication can help such as ibuprofen. Some doctors will direct you to wear a splint at night, which will help the toe stay straight, and easing the pain. Warm soaks, ice packs, whirlpools, and ultrasounds will help massage the painful area. Podiatrists may ask you to get surgery for your bunion if it gets painful enough, which is why you need a bunionectomy treatment washington dc. Surgery is supposed to return the big toe to its correct position, not maintain the bad position it finds itself in when you have this problem. 

Bunions get worse over time not better. To diagnose a bunion a doctor has to do a physical exam, an X-ray of your foot can then determine how severe the bunion is or can get or will get. To treat a bunion, there must be an ability to change shoes, while using padding, taping, or splinting even as your doctor will tape your foot into a normal position. There are non-medicated bunion pads available over the counter. Aleve or cortisone injections may help your pain further. Shoe inserts help reduce the pain and keep the bunion from getting worse

Icing down a bunion helps a lot as well. Sandals do not make or break a bunion situation while proper closed-toed footwear does. Sometimes arch support helps the entire situation out very well. What surgery does is remove the swollen tissue from around your big toe joint. You straighten your big toe by removing part of the bone. Bunion surgery can also realign the long bone between the back of your foot and your big toe that straightens out the bad angle found in your big toe joint. Surgery is sometimes necessary, and it depends on the situation but surgery can help.

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