Military and College: What are My Options?

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The United States of America is home to millions of veterans and more than 1.3 Million active-duty military service members. With the responsibilities these men and women face each and every day they have turned their studies to online degree programs. When serving with the United States armed forces studying online is an ideal option for active service duty members to increase their chances of military promotions or to amplify chances of civilian career options after deployment, discharge or retirement. 

You can find military friendly online colleges. Members of the U.S armed forces interested in taking online courses or online degrees can find colleges through databases that are offered by the U.S Department of Defense. They can also find them through the individual branches of the military or organizations. This directory includes information about colleges who ally with the military to provide an online degree. 

How to Find an Online College 

“Military Personnel” is, unfortunately, a juicy target market for schools. The federal government offers $12 billion for military educational assistance, for all the roundup members. With schools and online trading programs offering interest to the military community; it’s no wonder the term military friendly cannot be trusted. So exactly how can these members of the armed forces trust any online school? Well, there are a few options that are actually trustworthy; G.I Jobs’ Military Friendly Schools List is helpful in finding military friendly schools. 

About G.I Bills for Online Schools 

If members of the U.S Forces are qualified for the G.I Bill, then using it for an online school isn’t any different than using them from a traditional college. So long as the school or program the member has chosen is eligible for the Bill. Online courses work the same way normal college courses work. As traditional as books, professors, homework, exams and everything that goes along the lines of college. The difference with online courses is that the level of flexibility is far greater than in traditional classrooms. In online courses, the professor will post weekly assignments, schedules and study questions. The students must post answers to the questions. Online courses usually have weekly deadlines, but the scheduling is completely up to the students. 

Are Online Courses Legitimate? 

Yes. Most military members, and also civilians, share the concern of the validity of online college programs. Some are concerned if smaller named programs are less valid than bigger named sources, but the idea of not buying into an image but into the degree you chose is key. With a smaller named online course, members may save money on the choices of the degrees, which will accommodate the budget depending on the student. 

The Key to Succeed 

Just like in a normal college classroom, the success that comes to a person is through their willingness. It is essential for the student to have a strong will to learn and remain focused on the goal of getting their college degree. After being discharged from the U.S services, members of the Forces have to either have the options to work outside as a civilian and be able to expand their career options. Whether they chose to go back to be a civilian or try and be promoted in military rank.


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