New Technology Beating The Odds of Making Phone Call

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These days with introduction of great features in mobile networks powered by optical fiber channels, subscribers are able to make calls either be PC to PC or PC to phone calls using the internet for phone service a good examples being WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook-messenger calls where long distance calls are free and international calling rates are cheaper than calling voucher cards.

With advancement of several great ways which allows people to save money on their monthly phone bills due to the low costs, there are big features and voice quality than traditional phone services can’t perfectly match example being internet Gonzales which brings interesting features in phone service which are available for business as well as for home, and is offered by a number of big name providers.

One of the best parts about using VoIP calling is that you can reach anyone, anywhere in the world anytime you want. Internet calling is much well known as “VoIP” it has great features for home phone service such as unlimited calls to US/Canada, free international call allowance and over 45 features + free 2nd line.

What You Should

Free internet calling phone services have limited functionality despite the “free” price tag.While it is possible to make free calls, the service providers they confine users to certain rules such as the defined grace period talk time to the public network whereas, calls between users on the same network are free and not counted for.And after an accumulation of the allotted amount, the call is automatically cut off. Other offers only permit a user to place free calls to users on the same network. For example:

  • Tuitalker offers 3 free calls per day with its 3 for Free plan.
  • Lumicall offers free calling from their website to any user with Lumicall.
  • Freebuzzer offers only 2 minutes of free Internet calls
  • Call2Friends offers a specific number of free times (measured in seconds) that depends on the country you are calling.
  • iEvaphone offers 4 calls a day; or duration of 24 hours on a single IP.

Furthermore, some phone service providers have some automatic-start advertising programs and you’re obligatory to listen or watch before your call gets connected. Your call is greatly limited to their wish.

Per Call Based Calling

Some phone service companies charge credit which allows users to make international long internet phone calls a good example of such a company is Skype. Opposed to signing for a monthly charge, users add Skype credit. The amount of credit you recharge determines the amount of time you have.

Subscription Calling Based

Telecommunications company ask users to make one time-off hardware or download software programs purchase from them before using the internet free calling service. They offer a monthly flat-rate charge for their service which is much lower than the normal prices with the same company. In exchange, you get unlimited calling tokens. These paid internet companies differ in types and number user can make phone calls.


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