Selecting the Right All-Girls Catholic School

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Attending an all-girls school can be an absolutely wonderful experience for any young female. Private schools often offer a stricter and more advanced curriculum than public schools and also add religion into the daily education. Girls who attend an all-girls catholic school in Bowie MD will have the benefit of a close knit relationship with their classmates while advancing in their religious endeavors. When selecting an all-girls school catholic school there are few things that parents need to take into consideration. 

The first thing would be to fully understand the religious teachings that will be interwoven within the daily curriculum. The second thing to consider is the tuition costs. Many private catholic schools will allow parents and/or guardians to put their child on a payment plan. These payment plans consist of a monthly tuition bill that is will be promptly be due on an assigned date. Other private schools offer families discounts for advance payment of tuition fees. A third thing to consider is transportation. Not all private schools provide bus service. Be well informed on transportation and how you will get your child to and from school each day. A fourth thing to take into consideration when selecting a private school is the grades that are taught. 

Some private schools are divided up into separate buildings. It is not uncommon to find a preschool operating out of a church and then an elementary school either attached or nearby. In addition to preschool through eighth grade some private catholic schools also offer high school. It is also not uncommon to find some private all-girls catholic schools that are only high schools with no previous under grades offered.

Sometimes there are multi-student discounts available for families that have more than one child attending a school at a time. In addition to multi-student discounts some private all-girls catholic schools also offer alumni discounts and church goer discounts. The alumni discount is given to families where one or both of the parents have graduated from the school that they are sending their child to. Church goer discounts are given to members of the church that is affiliated with the school. It is always a good idea to know about any discounts that are offered at the time of registration. 

Once a family makes the decision to send their daughter to an all girls catholic school Bowie MD they will want to start searching for a school that best meets their family’s needs. It is best to narrow down the search to a top three or top five list and then start making phone calls.

Some schools will be willing to offer registration, enrollment and tuition information over the phone, but others may want to meet in person. Meeting in person allows the family to take a tour of the institution and make themselves comfortable with the academic establishment their child will possibly be attending. Once you have made your decision you can rest assured that you are giving your child the best possible education that includes academics and spiritual knowledge.

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