What You Should Know About Money Management

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What would you do if you had a million dollars right now? Even better, What if you won the lottery? Have you ever wondered why people that are randomly given so much money end up in a worse situation a few years later?

Apparently money is does not just stand for the hability to buy things and do a lot of interesting activities, but also translates to power. And as you have probably heard before power means responsibility. If we dig more, we will also see that responsibility is synonym of decision making. But more importantly, what can we learn from this?

The fact is that if we don’t know how money is generated we cannot expand our economic situation, which is a terrible scenario. Imagine worrying everyday about paying the bills , trying not to spend to much or living with constant fear of losing it all… because of lack of understanding how money works. In other words: lack of financial literacy.

The proper usage of financial literacy education resources translates into maximizing profits while reducing expenses without needing to live frugally. As we claimed before, it’s all determined by the choices we make. What more, there’s a common saying about it: ‘The more you learn the more you earn.’ Now if you have enough experience when working on a successful financial condition you will agree that expansion becomes incredibly hard when our income is being drained in an unnecessary way due to our ignorance. 

We all know mistakes are the most time consuming components of our life. To avoid keep making those errors financial literacy services are a must for your education. 
Otherwise, there will exist the risk of learning outdated or wrong principles. 
Particularly all the information you need has already been selected and perfectly organized to make your learning process hundreds of times more effective and faster. 

This topic should be taught since we are kids (as education system has slowly started doing). Unfortunately it’s not case yet. It seems it is up to our decision. On the other hand, those resources can be found on media and educational sites very easily. 

Of course once you get better and better at this process you would ideally like to hire a broker (commonly known as financial advisors) to make sure that money is not consumed by side expenses but multiplied and compounded. I know at this point you may be tempted to ignore this and think about hiring someone you can trust and already has the education for you. However, there is a catch.

Advisors are tools, just like money. Getting back to be very first question we did, thinking that an advisor can provide wealth and abundance is as ridiculous as thinking that a million dollars will change your life. If you don’t have financial knowledge it will put you in a place even worse.

Advisor’s intend should be justifying your own moves, never ‘delegating’ something you know nothing about. Financial literacy is designed to make your income grow. Because if it does not it will disappear. The only way is to progress.


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