A Fertilizer That Is Good For Everyone and Everything

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In the world of agriculture, both large scale farming and small scale container herb growing, fertilizer is an essential component to healthy plants. The concentrated nutrient rich supplement ensures that soil which may be depleted otherwise is sustainable enough to support the crop for the season, and will leave enough vital nutrients for the future. Although many synthetic fertilizers have been used for generations, many farmers and green thumbs are moving back to an organic fertilizer in order to avoid harmful pesticides and residues that could be harmful to consumers and livestock. 

Benefits of Organic

There are several reasons why farmers are going organic, which means that it comes from plant or animal waste (think compost or manure). Small gardeners prefer organic because they know everything that is going into their plants or produce. Farmers have found a new niche of millennials that are hungry for the organic brand. Environmental conservationists are in full support of organic because it reduces ground and water pollution. 

There are many reasons why going organic has become a national movement, including cost. Although synthesized matter is mass produced, organic matter can come from surrounding farms and livestock, reducing overall cost. You can even make your own by saving your scraps or doing vermicomposting. Not to mention, the long term qualitative cost on the environment is reduced for future generations. 

Not Just for Crops

Homeowners are also looking towards using an organic based fertilizer for their lawn and grass. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are the three common elements that are mostly required for a great lawn. Organics add essential nutrients that can keep grass lush and green, reduce pests and mites, and more. Synthetic fertilizers can actually reduce the amount of natural minerals in the ground, which can erode and kill grass over time. Over fertilization is also possible if one is not careful on properly mixing. Using organic products greatly increases the potential of creating a beautiful lawn while creating greater sustainability. 

Creating Better Soil

On top of increasing the vitality of the plant by adding nutrients, the organic type of fertilizer will actually change the structure of the soil as compared to its counterpart. Because of its natural compounds, it will help build up the soil composites so that it will retain water better, which is great in sandy areas. With organic, there will be less buildup, almost like a crust, on the soil, which will give it a richer, earthier texture that just seems more natural. When you go to stick your hands in the dirt, you can be more comfortable about what you are placing your hands into. 

Many individuals are turning towards green growing because it is better for the plants, the people and the planet. By using organic products, you are adding to the health of the environment, not stripping it of its natural elements, or contaminating it with unnatural substances that could potentially be poisonous. Organics are great for large farms, small gardens and container pots, and are widely available. 

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