Bioethanol The Evolution of Fireplaces: from Ashes to Nothing

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This is the age of workaholics, as they say. This generation is always moving, always on their feet. We work in factories, offices, outdoors and when we get home, we want to lie down and relax, enjoy the evening and sleep like a log. Amid the comforts of a home, the icing on the cake is a fireplace. Not only does it add greatly to the cosiness and ambience of your home, it simply looks beautiful – doesn’t it? A survey shows that 46% of home buyers are willing to pay more for a home with at least one fireplace.

Traditionally there were these wood-burning fireplaces where you can smell the woodturning into ashes and listen to the fire chewing into the wood. Although it is the most authentic type of fireplace which has existed for ages, it is not as efficient when it comes to heating. It really gives you the feels but a lot of construction work goes into setting this one up. And we have these closed type wood-burning fireplaces that are enclosed in a glass panel. You can enjoy the ambience even if a lot of heat is lost through the chimney.

Then came the fireplace insert that was a little more portable to use. It is like a plug-and-play thing where you slide it into your open-hearth fireplace and voila!

When it came to tone down the size, construction worries and mess created by the wood-burning fireplace, the gas burning fireplace came into the picture. These are cleaner, more cost-effective and generate more heat than their wood-burning counterpart.

A direct vented fireplace can be vented through an existing chimney or even a simple pipe so that we do not need to make any changes to the house construction. The add-on is that its yellow coloured flame gives you the same traditional wood-burning chimney feeling without the mess it leaves. The ventless indoor fireplace still burns the gas in a yellow flame but does not need a vent or a chimney making it very handy to install and use.

Imagine you could turn the heat on or off leaving the fireplace like ambience still intact. This is achieved through an electric mantel fireplace. No installation, no chimney, no ash, only the heat and ambience.

However, the winner for me has got to be the stand-alone ethanol fireplace; it’s portable, minimal installation, odourless and helps create a greener world. In today’s time of global warming and pollution, this ethanol fireplace runs on bioethanol that leaves zero carbon footprint. They are very portable, you can take them with you when you move home, hassle-free. It can be placed anywhere like on tables in your drawing room, can be mounted on walls even – too good to be true, right? You can convert your existing fireplace to an ethanol fireplace also if you are a little old-school in that matter. The fuel runs on, ‘bioethanol’ is very environment-friendly and does not cause any kind of pollution, helping you to contribute to a greener world and a better tomorrow for your children.

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