Text Messaging Making Marketing Inroads for Small Businesses

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“What’s that ping?” has been replaced by the question, “Whose phone pinged?” That’s because sms messaging, also called texting, is a huge part of communication not only between person to person, but also business to person. According to Comscore study from 2017, more than 79 percent of the nation owned a cell phone. Another statistic listed in slicktext.com said open rates for text messages are upwards of 98 percent. It’s clear sms messaging for small businesses is a strategy for owners to reach out to their clientele. They use the 160-character limit as a new marketing tool to help get the right message out at the right time and to the right people.

Banks and SMS Messaging

There are two tiers of banks, large and small. Thanks to many sms services for small business, it may be hard to know the difference. SMS messaging provides small banks the ability to provide their clients with mobile banking, just like the big boys. That means these smaller institutions can keep connected with their customers, offering services that in the past would have required a teller.

Text messaging can be used as a two-way vehicle to request data like balances or to make transfers. Banks also use them to provide customers with information like fraud alerts or overdraft warnings. 

In addition they are used to provide customers with items like loan information, such as interest rates, and surveys to track how customers are feeling about their bank’s online service.


SMS Messaging For Other Small Business

There are statistics making sms messaging a good idea for small businesses. For one, there is still room on the texting train. 

According to early research by Slick Text, about 60 percent of marketers do not use sms texting. At the same time, the same research said business owners say mobile marketing is becoming a bigger factor in their business.

One reason for this factor is the effectiveness of sms texting for business. In order to make it work, one needs a customer’s phone number for a mobile device. Having this information is not only needed but also tells business owners of the interest their customers have in products they provide. Otherwise why would they give them their number.

There are apps on the market that will help organize a particular marketing text message. For instance, there are companies out there that help businesses set up campaigns, such as

  • When the message is delivered
  • How many time its delivered
  • Data on how that message was received
  • How many customers opened the message

Other data says why this method of reaching out to your customer is a good idea. For instance, they point to research that says sms messaging is superior to other marketing tools like email messaging. Marketing company Cellit reported that sms messaging is eight times more effective than email marketing. That same data, of which there is little out there, says the increase of sms marketing is now a well-adopted strategy and that unsubscribe rates are about five percent.

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