Where Old Oils Go For Recycling

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These days we all have recycle bins in our homes. We understand why it’s important for recyclable items not to end up in landfills. The world has come to recognize we can’t simply throw all our waste products into a landfill, as there simply isn’t enough space. Often times when we think about recycling, our thoughts go to the paper, plastics and aluminum cans we use in our kitchens. But recovering components should be extended to some things which are harder to recycle, but still important. Petroleum-based oils and plant-based oils need recycling too, and our various government entities provide the means for such recycling. 

Petroleum-based oils keep our engines operating, however ordinary use of our engines causes contaminants such as dirt, metal scrapings, water, or chemicals, to get mixed in with the oil, so in time, the oil doesn’t lubricate the engine properly. As engine oil needs replaced, there is old oil to be disposed of and government run hazardous waste disposal sites, as well as auto parts stores and other entities, accept used engine oil for recycling. 

Plant-based oils consist of products like vegetable, sesame, peanut, canola and olive oils. Plant-based oils, like used cooking oil, needs to be recycled, so there is less used oil being disposed of in plumbing, which can obstruct sewage pipes due to the slow accumulation of fats. Used vegetable oil can then be refined in a procedure to change vegetable oil into a fuel by hydrocracking or hydrogenation.

All of us want to do the right thing for the environment, however sometimes roadblocks mean the effort needed causes us to reevaluate whether the personal reward gained is worth it. Recycling has to be easy for folks, or there is opposition to compliance, so our taxes are used to provide for the easy disposal of any used oils aurora co. Disposal of petroleum-based oils is control by the EPA and there is information available at the EPA’s website.

Discarding of plant-based oils is usually handled that the municipal or county the level. The City of Aurora, CO and others run oil recycling programs that accept used cooking oil for disposal. The city’s website has Information about their used oil recycling service. If each and every one of us had to arrange a supplier to dispose of these items, costs would run significantly higher and significantly less would end up being recycled. The government entities work to make it easy to act in accordance with what we know is right. 

Whether used oils are plant-based or petroleum-based, disposal needs to be handled properly. Armed with information and understanding of how and why we recycle, we can each do our part. Be it paper, plastics, aluminum cans, or the harder to recycle items, we do it because we believe it’s important. We understand how important our vote is. This is our way of voting with our actions. By using the available means to recycle our used oils, we make it known we believe this is a valuable service we want to continue.


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