Why Do You Fail in Driving Test?

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You always join the driving classes with full enthusiasm and try to complete the learning process as soon as possible. You wish to crack the driving test at first go and obtain the license to drive freely and with authority. However, what if you fail your driving test? Well, you don’t have to worry about that case too because many people fail at driving test. You can work on grooming your skills and excelling in them.

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Reasons for failing a driving test

It takes some time to master all the driving skills. Try to do your best before undertaking a driving test. Practice as much as you can. This will also boost your confidence and you will not fear before going to the exam. The reasons to fail in the exam could be:

  • It is possible that your vehicle may not be road-worthy. You should try to use your instructor’s car so that it meets all the requirement of your practical examination.
  • Another reason that you may fail in the test is because of not responding accurately to the signals. Not performing head-checks can also be the reason for your failure.
  • If you are driving without a seatbelt or over speeding then that will result in an automatic fail. If you do not obey traffic signals and signs, you will fail in the driving test.

What factors are looked upon by the driving accessors?

The driving assessment is completed quickly if you are a good learner and can follow all the rules and regulations properly. The driver accessor assigned for your test will look at the different abilities you possess to handle the driving procedure. Your flow of driving will be checked whether you can operate the car smoothly.

Your ability to drive will be checked in cases of low, high, and moderate traffic. It will be observed and tested that how you react to several traffic hazards. Apart from this, it will also be seen if you follow basic traffic rules and can identify the traffic signs and signals.

Role of nervousness

When you are new to something and are required to give a test, you may get nervous and underperform. The nerves can interfere a lot. You can go blank even when asked to do the very basic tasks.

The best way to get over this is to do your best and practice as much as possible. Your driving skills will be improved and you will feel more confident and comfortable while driving.


Make sure that you do not miss any driving lessons that can lead to failure in driving test.

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