The Bible Teaches Us to Be Humble

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There are many examples of stories in the Bible where humility is shown to be important. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, the Bible is filled with individuals who loved God and did what He asked them to do. Although it can be hard sometimes to accept God’s will, humility is the virtue that lets one be pleasing to the Lord. Here are three examples of humility in the bible.

Jesus was born in a manger. Although Christmas scenes portray the scene as adorable, the reality is that mangers smell bad. It was also a cold night in which Jesus first arrived. He suffered the cold and was wrapped in swaddling clothes to teach us to be detached from the material goods in this life. Although there are many luxuries in this world, Jesus teaches us that the most important thing is to be holy. Jesus humbling Himself at His birth, by being born where animals are kept, gives us an example of how we are to use God’s gifts to help others in however way we can.

The Virgin Mary showed us humility when she offered Jesus in the temple during the Presentation. In the old law, a sacrifice was required for a first-born son. Jesus and Mary were not forced to be under the law, but they followed it anyway as an example for the rest of humanity to be humble and follow God’s decrees. Simeon the Prophet took the baby Jesus in his arms and foretold how much He was to suffer. Mary obediently accepted Jesus’ fate and offered herself to however she could be of use to Him. Mary shows us that to be acceptable to God, we must likewise give up what is most important in our lives and surrender it to the Lord’s will.

Finally, Jesus shows us how we should forgive our enemies and humble ourselves. During Jesus’ passion, He asked the Father for the forgiveness of His enemies. He did this because He loved them. Jesus allowed Himself to be scourged, crowned with thorns, made to carry a cross and get crucified for love of the humans that were made in God’s image. He shows us humility by not returning evil for anything done to us. As God, Jesus could have instantly taken vengeance. He didn’t, however. His loving kindness shows us that we are called to be gentle and meek.

Our Lord and His mother Mary have shown us that we are called to be humble. Through being born in poverty, Jesus teaches us that we need to be detached from excessive luxuries. The Virgin Mary had to give up Jesus whom she dearly loved, to follow the Father’s will. She did so. She teaches us that we must be obedient to God’s will and prefer His ways to our ways. Finally, Jesus asking for forgiveness of His enemies teaches us that we too must for the forgiveness of our enemies. Jesus has said to learn from Him because He is meek and humble of heart. All His actions show that He loves humanity and calls everyone to imitate Him.

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