The Rise of Salad Restaurants

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When temperatures start to go up, a crisp fresh salad looks like the perfect meal. Moreover, when its lunchtime, there is always a list of unhealthy options including Chinese takeout, burgers, sandwiches, pizza and others that will make your afternoon dull. On the other hand, several healthy options do exist too. These options include salads that come in various forms. For many, a salad in the best choice when it comes to their lunch, and thankfully there is a lot to choose from.

Several kinds of salads exist with several salad restaurants around. A salad will have vegetables as well as a protein including other foods that will make one nix their hunger. Additionally, salads are perfect for almost any diet as they can be substantially customized. Currently, most restaurants that offer salads are chopping their salads just as people want them. When salads are cut, they can evenly coat in the dressing bringing up bite-sized pieces which have every component in each bite. According to some, the best salad is that one which has large chunks of each element so that one can mix and match the textures and flavors with every bite. However, the fact is that most people prefer the chopped salads and mostly eat one daily.  As the number of people purchasing salads during lunch hour has gone up, the places that offer these salads have also increased in the United States. While several restaurant salads are creating salads with low calories and more healthy ingredients, others are coming up with calorific ingredients such as full-fat cheese, fried chicken, as well as creamy dressing. All these calorie-filled salads may not be ideal to all diets.

The Components of a Salad 

Other restaurants offer a salad bar which is typically set as a table or at the counter. Salad bar allows customers to come with their plates and fill them with the components that they love. Most salad bars offer chopped tomatoes, lettuce, different vegetable slices such as carrots, cucumbers, olive, red or green bell peppers, and celery. In addition to this, most salads have bacon bits, dried bread croutons, shredded cheese as well as other kinds of salad dressing. Furthermore, other salad bars have extra food items like cooked cold meats (tuna, ham, chicken, and turkey), baked beans (garbanzo beans, chickpeas, or kidney beans), cottage cheese, tortilla chips, boiled eggs, soup, bread rolls, and fresh fruit slices.

Salad bars could be “all you can eat”, and the customer will choose what to take and what to leave. Moreover, with the salad bar, one can come even after the main meal for the salad. When it comes to carrying out, customers may pay according to the weight of the materials contained in the salad. Well, a bowl of greens may not seem the perfect meal for you now, but giving it a try, one will realize that it is the healthiest meal one can have during lunch. Everybody looks forward to cheerful afternoons in the office, and a salad can serve you right.

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