Tribute to My Extreme Sports Family

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My family are great people; they raised me, and they cared about me growing up. However, today, my family aren’t the people I spend most of my time with. My family today are people who have been part of this culture before I started getting involved in extreme sports. My new family are skateboarders, snowboarders, cyclists, and other extreme sports enthusiasts. If you like to live life close to the edge, then you might just fit in with the rest of my extreme sports family. 

I’ve know this group since I was fresh out of high school. Extreme sports was there for me when I felt like I couldn’t fit in with anyone else in my community. We moved to a new city during high school, so my skateboard was my way of making friends. The types of people I met skateboarding opened an entirely new world to me that I had never experienced before. They brought me in to take part in their culture because they saw something in me that must have reminded them of something they once saw inside themselves. I felt like I could be who I always wanted to be when I found my extreme sports family. 

They’re more than just friends because extreme sports is what binds us together. It is the glue that holds together all of our diverse backgrounds. Anything goes in the extreme sports groups I participate in. We don’t shun any type of music, foods, beliefs, et cetera. The simple fact is we’re all weird, but if you’re open to experiencing the ride, then you’ll fit right in. If not for finding this group, I might have never had my first skydive ca. Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to reach out and touch clouds? There’s nothing more fulfilling than following one of your dreams. 

When I told my biological family how I wanted to skydive, they laughed and told me to get a job. I wanted to be an instructor one day, so I needed to have so many hours with a parachute on my back and the wind whipping through my hair before I could apply to take training to become an instructor. My biological family didn’t respect my dreams; they thought that skydiving and extreme sports was just a fad that I was working through. They told me that the desire to bring other people into the clouds was something that would pass over time. 

My dream never left my side. Like a new skydiver, I held onto it tightly, and it paid off in the end. My extreme sports family kept me motivated, and they kept getting on me about taking the necessary classes to fulfill my training. Eventually, I took all the classes to become a certified trainer, and I landed a great job with one of the top companies in California. As an instructor, I can reach out from my office and touch the clouds. Not many people can say that.

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