Update Your Home Style with Wall Decals!

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When we think about decorating our home with new furniture or paint, rarely do we think about wallpaper or stickers. Within the last few years, wall design has really come along the way from what we were accustomed to in the past. Many of us may remember the peel and stick wallpaper that was really hideous in our parents’ homes. In this day and age, we have the opportunity to choose our favorite sports team or a famous quote to enhance the beauty of our home in various ways with wall graphics. 

Also known of wall decals, these amazing designs on our walls are made from plastic, vinyl, or other materials that is self-adhesive. These decals are cut from a cutting machine in the desired shape of the words, pictures or icons to fit the consumer’s needs. The size of them range between 30cm x 30cm up to 100cm x 100cm and sometimes larger for special custom orders. Wall graphics are general reusable so if you’re changing the space around or moving, your decals are sure to travel with you wherever you go. This is very helpful because it doesn’t leave a mess or sticky residue on your walls as most wallpapers do that require water to apply. These simply peel from the fabric it is attached to it and go on your wall however you choose.

For those who want to impress their friends with modern and current styles for the home, wall graphics are the way to go for sure! If you’re a huge sports fan this would be a dream to have in your man cave! One of the biggest sellers for wall design are sports personalities and sports teams, whether it is professional or college level. Some of the biggest rival teams across the country are in the states of Alabama, Michigan, and Ohio just to name a few. I can imagine wall graphics michigan being in the home of a major sports fan and have his friend supporting another team come over for a visit. What a way to continue friendly rivalry all over again! But you must remember that in order to have a flawless application, your wall must be free of any and all debris. If a textured area is there from an old nail hole, sand it down to create a smooth surface. Paint will not stay on a wall with moisture. Therefore, your new wall graphic design will not stick so make sure the wall is dry before you start.

I love the look and creativity of what wall graphics can do to your home, office and community. The look is so gorgeous that one would think it was carefully painted by a crafty person. Your heartfelt love for nature, quotes, sports or whatever your desire can be placed as a decal on your wall. It is an extension of your thoughts and how you chose to design the interior of your home.

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