Using Clean Energy 

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There are plenty of clean, sustainable forms of energy that we can use in place of the types of fuel that pollute environment. For example, solar panels capture the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity. They do this by allowing the photons in the sun to excite electrons that are located in silicon cells. The free atoms are negatively charged, and are attracted to one side of the cell. This generates electricity. There is also wind power. The wind turns the blades of wind turbines. Inside turbines, generators generates electricity as blades spin. Energy can also be harvested from geothermal heat—heat that comes from a natural source in the earth. Energy can also be harvested from the movement of the tides in the ocean. 

If we want to preserve our environment we have to keep away from energy sources that will destroy the environment. For example, civilization should really keep away from nuclear power because the types of materials that nuclear power plants deal with are very deadly. It takes hundreds, thousands and millions of years for radioactive substances to break down. Whenever leaks and meltdowns happen, cancer causing substances get expelled into the environment. What is also a concern is the waste that comes out of nuclear power plants. We should also keep away from fossil fuels because they make the air dirty and unhealthy to breath. They also destroy the atmosphere. 

Individually Doing Our Part 

Whenever we dispose of items, we have to put consideration into whether we are disposing of them properly. For example, if you get dumpsters for rent Chicago IL because you are disposing of certain things, you may want to do some research about where to go or who to call when it comes to dumping the things that are in your dumpsters. 

Even if we are throwing things out on a very small, individual level, we still have to pay mind to whether we are throwing things out the right way. For example, if you have old batteries that you want to throw out, do some research to figure out where the best place is to dump them. Some things do not belong in the regular trash because they are toxic and need to be thrown out in special ways. Of course, you can throw batteries into the normal trash can, and the battery-police are not going to arrest you. However, if everyone does that, the world will be a dirtier, more toxic place as batteries with chemicals oozing out of them build up in landfills. 

If you have trash on your person, do not just randomly throw it somewhere. Litter makes public places look worse. It also puts animals in danger. Sometimes animals crawl into or eat litter that people leave over, and end up dying. Some types of litter will not biodegrade—at least not for a long time—and they will keep their dangerous shapes. Keep track of where it is okay to dispose of certain tings.

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