What would I do in case I wanted a divorce in New Zealand?

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New Zealand had about 8, 289 married couples who successfully acquired divorce in 2013. Which of course recorded the most divorce cases in a year, with around 9.5 cases of divorce per 1100 estimated existing families. Getting a divorce in New Zealand is possible if only your existing marriage is broken beyond repair and therefore recommended immediate separation. When you realize that your marriage is on the verge of ending and this probably comes as a hint from a family member, divorce is possible in New Zealand only if you could prove that you have been separated for at least two years. This implies separation and not living together at all.

A family law court case.

This is a family law matter and it is important to seek legal aid from a legal aid lawyer (explained as assistance provided to individuals that can not access the court system or manage legal representation) or hire a family lawyer to guide you through the do(s) and don’t(s) during a divorce case.

Family law cases have increasingly become common nowadays, with legal aid lawyers in courts increasing in numbers too. It is important to note that, after two years of separation, any lawyer would advise you to check with the family law court so you could make an application for your marriage dissolution. If you settled for the legal aid lawyers, they would also mention that in New Zealand, both you and your partner can jointly apply for the divorce or do it alone. Either way, all family law courts in this country are bound to serve your case.

What if I was married overseas, is it possible to get a divorce in New Zealand?

Yes, it is possible. However, this is after complete certainty that you are a citizen or rather say, permanently registered as a citizen of New Zealand.

What if I caught my partner in an affair before our separation, does this mean I acquire more relationship assets?

In New Zealand, the family court would not consider your partner’s misconduct when it comes to the division of related assets. Misconduct could only be accounted for when considering the partner’s contribution to the marriage. This implies that it should also be palpable and gross because affairs are not categorized into either of the two.

Do family law courts approve of private arrangements for child support?

This is a common question lawyers come across every time. Family law courts approve of this but the parents must come to an agreement and include it in the separation agreement, discuss in detail how they are going to both finance their children’s daily expenses.


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