Why are Recreational Sports Facing a Downturn in The Sports Domain?

In this post-millennial era, we are experiencing some transformative changes in almost every aspect of our lives. However, when it comes down to the sports arena, the trends we observe are pretty much unpromising, as there is a rise of youth disengagement in the sports sphere in the US. The latter statement, coupled with the fact that the recreational sports are now turning into competitive sports is one of the prime factors as to why there is a decline of interest amongst the youth in recreational sports. The “glamorization” of sports have boiled down to either winning or losing. Suggesting that participation is no longer valued in the sports domain. Moreover, the socio-economic trends in society suggest how the system is now molded in a way to meet the needs of the players. Leading to a discouraged and demoralized youth. 

In addition to the above, another major reason of the fallout coincides with the fact that there’s a skyrocketing cost of sports at the grass root level, which has escalated to such an extent that it has affected the participation of the individuals. Focusing solely on getting the best out of the lot. The “specialization” of sports has led to the declining of local teams and giving away towards the league premieres. Another trend that we examine is that the overall ideology of youth sports is getting altered by the pressure that the children face these days. Just so that they can join premium clubs or make their way into the travel teams which even though, did not exist earlier, but now it accounts for a whopping $7 billion industry focusing solely on competition as stated in the Washington Post. 

Furthermore, the evolution in the technology has played a huge role in affecting recreational sports around the globe. Children are now moving towards keeping themselves occupied with digital technology rather than recreational sports. In accordance with The Guardian, 7 out of 10 children have access to these devices and now these facts and figures have gone way up, suggesting that these have become more addictive than ever. Which has led to a decline in physical activity from 18.8% to about 17% (2011 – 2017) in a few years because of the above-stated reasons. 

Since children are now buying video games more than ever, which is a shift towards staying indoors and playing online. These facts can be more easily predicted and sighted thanks to the new changes incorporated in a dispensary POS software. Helping companies to use this information to make changes to the new games. 

Besides, as children about a decade ago had fewer alternatives to keep themselves amused (which is why they were more into recreational sports), have now endless ways to keep themselves entertained via smartphones; which is another reason of decline in outdoor recreational sports. Even though recreational sports have been experiencing an overall downfall, but ministries are acknowledging this particular gap in the society and henceforth are launching initiatives to tackle these issues.


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